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  • NJ High School rules apply.

  • Teams will receive 3 TOTAL 30-sec timeouts for the whole game

  • Each game shall consist of two Twenty (20) minute running clock halves with the clock stopping the last minute of the first half and last two minutes of the game. 

  • A player is disqualified from the game on their fifth personal foul.

  • The bonus rule (1 and 1) shall be in effect on the seventh (7th) foul of each half.  Two free throws will be taken from the tenth (10th) foul onwards.

  • Any forfeited game shall be recorded as a 20-0 win for the non-forfeiting team.

  • 3rd and 4th grade divisions can press the final 5 minutes of the game only. If the lead is 25+ points you cannot press. (both teams)

  • 5th and above is High School rules

  • Teams may not full court press or half-court trap if leading by more than 25 points  

  • Overtime & Second Overtime is 1 minute of running time with the last 30 seconds stop clock (one extra time out for each team) Timeouts do not carry over from regulation

  • Third overtime is “sudden death”; first team to score … wins (no time outs)!

  • SPECIAL RULES THAT APPLY TO Boys 1st & 2nd grade divisions

    • 8.5 Foot Hoops

    • Defense inside the 3 point line (This will be enforced )

    • Press will be allowed final 2 minutes of the game unless it is a 20+ point lead

  • Tie Breaker: Head to head then total point differential among the teams involved in a multi team tie and then total point differential against every team. 20 points is the max so running up the score can only be categorized as unsportsmanlike and point total will not determine a tiebreaker after 20

  • The scorekeeper is the official game scorer and timer. NOT ANYONE ON A TEAM BENCH

  •  A 28.5 inch diameter ball (28.5) will be used at up to 5th boys (6th grade and up will use 29.5 ball)

  • Parents or coaches who are disruptive to the game, the players, the coaches or referees will be immediately escorted from the tournament. Parents will be warned only once before they are asked to leave.

  • Remember it is about the kids

  • Only 2 coaches allowed on the bench

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